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Bistro Fajn

Bistro Fajn

Fajn is in Zagreb slang word for fine, which in itself promises and assures you to enjoy the wealth of local delicacies that are available. Fajn Bistro in the true sense of the word is clear.

It offers food from all Croatian regions, prepared with local ingredients from which it drawns the very best. We aim to meet the needs of our coffee guests with rich and boldly created cakes and appetizers of their choice like the indispensable MiljevaĨki ham which is served with goat cheese, tomato jam, olives, humus and freshly baked bread. Lunch and dinner are rich in flavors prepared exclusively with seasonal ingredients making it a enriched contemporary cuisine. Menu is based solely on the daily menu, which will be posted daily on our big board, depending on the daily catch of the fish markets and the butcher shops of Dolac.

The wine list offers an exquisite selection of genuine local wines with the odd trip to international waters in search of top-quality wine.

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